Ensure that your electrical and electronic waste is recycled in accordance with regulations.

At ALTERNATIVE, we value computer equipment whether it is obsolete or not. Our priority is a circular economy that reuses IT equipment. In the event that the equipment is too obsolete then recycling is the next best choice and becomes Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Our 4-step recycling process :


Before the reuse of any equipment, secure data erasure is the first and key step in the process. Any risk of data leakage must be avoided.  Learn more about data erasure.


Upon recovery, the equipment is audited in order to know if it can be reused. We determine the working and aesthetic condition of the equipment (battery, accessories, screens, etc.).


We guarantee the traceability of recycled computer waste. Since WEEE contains dangerous and polluting materials, they must be handled by approved entities that guarantee their traceability. 


At ALTERNATIVE, before equipment is sent to be recycled, we extract the maximum of spare parts that can still be used (for maintenance purposes as one example). We sort the material of each part in order to relegate them for treatment and reuse. Valorizing the source materials helps in the economy of raw materials.

We entrust our sorted WEEE to approved organizations for the recovery of raw materials.

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