Prioritize the reuse of your equipement and relegate it to the circular economy.

As a player in the circular economy, we guarantee the maximum reuse of your IT equipment. ALTERNATIVE specializes in the management of IT equipment’s end of life, or ITAD (IT Asset Disposition).

It is clearly regulated that companies must treat their end-of-life equipment in a responsible manner. When companies dispose their equipment, they must meet obligations for the treatment of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and for its reuse. We help them to meet these obligations by participating in the circular economy of their end-of-life equipment.

What is the circular economy ?

The circular economy encourages the sustainable manufacture and reuse of goods and services. It limits usage and waste of resources and thus the production of overall waste. It’s the opposite of a linear economy which consists of the disposal of products after their one-time use.

Our 4-step process for reuse :


Before the reuse of any equipment, secure data erasure is the first and key step in the process. Any risk of data leakage must be avoided. Learn more about data erasure.


Upon recovery, the equipment is audited in order to know if it can be reused. We determine the working and aesthetic condition of the equipment (battery, accessories, screens, etc.).


How it is reused depends on the condition of the equipment and the choice of the reseller.


Equipment in good condition for reuse will be refurbished. Our expert technicians operate according to manufacturers’ specifications.


We can give a second life to your equipment by reselling it on e-commerce platforms.

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Take advantage of our deployment services to bring newly refurbished equipment to your company’s other sites or departments – or to your employees.

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