Your data is confidential. At the end of the equipment’s life cycle, we ensure its secure and definitive erasure.

Did you know ? The CNIL (National Commission of Informatics and Liberty) recommends securely erasing data from equipment before it is disposed of, repaired by a third party or at the end of a leasing contract. ALTERNATIVE helps you to respond to this issue by erasing your data securely and permanently.

Data erasure is the definitive removal of information from various storage media. For confidentiality and compliance reasons, this is a critical step before any IT equipment is processed.

Benefit from certified data erasure

ALTERNATIVE is a Blancco partner. For large-scale erasure of reusable data storage technology, this solution provides a compliant and secure data erasure. It’s certified by more than 15 governing bodies including ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems).

Some media are too old or too degraded to be erased. They are then isolated for mechanical shredding.

You benefit from complete traceability of your equipment as soon as it’s removed from your premises until the data is erased and is eventually reused or recycled. Learn more about our traceability chain.

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